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The first AI projection mapping software. Combine a reference photo with the power of AI to create stunning projected visuals. Hours of design work, now possible with the click of a button.

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What’s Included

You will receive installation files for the full version of LumaMap.


The software comes bundled with 1000 credits. How does the credit system work? Only AI actions in LumaMap cost credits i.e. generating an AI image and upscaling an image. These actions each cost 0.2 credits, so your bundled credits could be redeemed for up to 5000 image generations. You can use your bundled credits as quickly or slowly as you like. There is no daily usage limit and they don’t expire. If you exhaust your 1000 credits you can purchase more from DreamStudio, instructions here. Read more about credits here.

Future Updates

With your purchase of LumaMap you will receive free access to software updates that include bug fixes, patches and enhancements of the features advertised at the time of purchase.

If we release an update to the software that introduces significant additional functionality and features to earlier versions, then existing customers will be given the option to upgrade their license to access these extended features, subject to an additional fee.


System Requirements

Windows OS: Windows 10 or later.

MacOS: Monterey (version 12) or Ventura (version 13). Not optimized for Sonoma (version 14).

You need an internet connection to use the AI features of the software.

Windows users are advised to install the K-Lite Codec Pack from this website.


Version 1.2.1

Known Bugs
– Not optimized for MacOS Sonoma.
– Video not supported for Apple silicon (M1+) – all AI and art tool features are functional.
– Video time jumping using the playback bar behaving unexpectedly.
– Corner pinning resets when video loops

We appreciate that the lack of video support for Apple Silicon is frustrating and we are still working to fix it.

Read Release Notes.


Digital Delivery

Once your order has completed you will receive a confirmation email containing links to the software files which you can download immediately.

– Product mock-up by Anthony Boyd

1 review for LumaMap

  1. Wes

    I’m new to projection mapping and for my first show, I tried to learn different programs to just get something to get on the wall. It took me like 80 hours to just get images I wanted to use. Switching to Lumamap saved me hours and hours of time! I was able to take a photo of my wall and bring it into the program and just type what I wanted the wall to look like (train station, Christmas snow on windows, etc). It helped me as a stepping stone to get ideas for my show. I’m excited they support future updates that will be automatically included.

    Great tool, use it as a stepping stone for your project to get ideas and something to start you off.

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