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Scenes & Cues in MadMapper

Scenes & cues
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How to use scenes and cues in MadMapper projection mapping software with three wedding cake mapping project examples.

00:00 Intro | 00:49 Scenes | 05:45 Cues | 09:51 Example 1 | 11:49 Example 2 | 13:15 Example 3

This tutorial covers how to use scenes and cues in MadMapper to program a show with a fine degree of control. It explains what scenes and cues are, what they can do and the difference between the two.

It finishes with 3 example cases where scenes and cues might be used in a real-world project: projection mapping a 5-tier wedding cake.

The tutorial uses a demo version of MadMapper 3.6 which can be downloaded for free from MadMapper’s website. Following along with the tutorial is encouraged. One of the limitations of the MadMapper demo is a watermark over the output window.

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