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Projection Mapping Tutorial

Thor's Hammer

Overview of projection mapping
Competence Level
Software Used

This projection mapping tutorial covers three approaches to mapping this paper model of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. We’ll be using MadMapper projection mapping software. 

Even though I’m using this paper craft model, created using Pepakura, this technique could just as easily be applied to a cake; it would make a great cake mapping project for someone who is a fan of Thor, Marvel or superheroes in general. 

I’ll demonstrate how to confine the projected content to the hammer using a mask to produce an easy 3d projection mapping effect in only a few minutes. However, I’ll discuss how this isn’t very effective and go on to show how to take good reference photos and use this to achieve more effective video mapping. Finally I’ll map my own custom-made video animation on the hammer which features lightning and a runic inscription. 

This video is for anyone who’s ever wondered how to do projection mapping and is looking for a step-by-step beginner’s guide. 

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