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How to Add Custom Text to Cake Mapping

Adding text
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This easy beginner’s tutorial will show you the most basic and free way to incorporate text into your projection mapped cake project. 

00:00 Intro
01:31 Cake Size
02:21 Shotcut Tutorial
14:36 (Quick) MapMap Software Workflow

Using this method you can project names, dates and other custom messages on to wedding cakes, birthday cakes or cakes for other celebration events. 

I will show you how to create the text using free video editing software called Shotcut and even how to add your text to existing video you want to use for cake mapping. I will then (quickly) walkthrough how to project that text on to a cake using MapMap, a user-friendly and free projection mapping application.

Download Shotcut here:

Download MapMap here:

English Towne font by Dieter Steffmann available to download here:


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