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Great British Bake Off

For the 2018 finale of the Great British Bake Off, we channelled our excitement into a novel cake mapping project – a cake in the shape of a vintage, portable TV with an episode of Bake Off projected on the ‘screen’.

Finale Party
London, UK
Great British Bake Off

Project Details

If you’re interested in baking, The Great British Bake Off show in the UK is the television event of the year. For those unfamiliar with the program, Bake Off is a competition aired on Channel 4.

Amateur bakers compete against each other over the course of several weeks, trying to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, with a contestant being eliminated in each round.

This was Luma Box’s first time deviating from our usual five-tiered cake design. The television shape lent itself well to the cake mapping process by offering a relatively flat surface on which to project with limited distortion. 

It was a straightforward project that used just one of our usual short-throw BenQ projectors and MadMapper software. 

The cake is covered in pastel blue Renshaw icing and completed with plastic volume and tuning knobs which help complete the impression that this is a real television.

To really add to the illusion, the footage glitches and stutters with static interference as if the vintage, analogue television is struggling to pick up a good signal.

We showcased the cake in a video heavily inspired by the Bake Off titles. This included close-up shots of cake ingredients, sweet desserts and the various stages of baking.

The original titles are shot with a very shallow depth of field and lots of lateral pans of the camera which we tried to replicate.