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How to Add Custom Text to Cake Mapping

Creating a guide
Competence Level
Software Used

In this easy beginner’s tutorial I will show you how to make your own cake mapping guide in a free graphics editing application called GIMP. 

00:00 Intro
00:27 Cake Size
02:11 GIMP Tutorial
13:45 (Quick) MapMap Software Workflow

This video shows you how to take the dimensions of the cake you intend to use for cake mapping, with any number of tiers, and create a helpful template guide that you can then bring into your mapping software.

This guide will be useful when it comes to setting up your input mapping in your projection mapping software of choice, be it in MapMap, MadMapper, Resolume or others. But it will also be useful if you are intending to add text onto your cake.

We will be making our guide using GIMP which is a free, open source graphics editing program. It can be downloaded from GIMP’s website making it possible for you to follow these steps and create your own cake mapping guide step-by-step without parting with any money.

Download GIMP here:

Download MapMap here:


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