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Cake Mapping in Resolume Arena 6

(3/6) Content & Effects
Creating content and effects
Competence Level
Software Used

A tutorial showing how to make a handful of clips purely using the free generators & effects bundled with Resolume Arena 6.

00:00 Intro | 00:37 Colour Checker | 04:11 Kaleidoscope | 05:54 Dots | 07:56 Dotted Waves | 09:36 Bendoscope | 10:15 Confetti Fountain | 11:42 Spiked Sphere | 12:53 Sparkle Triangle

These will be visual content that might be appropriate for something like a wedding.

Resolume comes with a handful of in-built generators – you can find them listed in the sources tab of the directory. When combined with all of Resolume’s effects, you’d be surprised with how many interesting looks you can create right out of the box.

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