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Cake Mapping Kit

I am often asked “Which projector is best for cake mapping?” or “What equipment should I buy to do cake mapping?” There is no definitive answer to these questions. The needs of each person will depend on many factors.

However, here is a list of the equipment, including projector, I use for my set up which may be a useful starting point.

Each of the links below will take you through to an Amazon page for the item. They are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you purchase an item through this link.


Here are some software options you can use for cake mapping.

Some are free and some are paid. I have tutorials for several of there in the Tutorials section.


MapMap (free)
VPT (free)
HeavyM (free)

MadMapper (paid)
Qlab (paid)
Resolume (paid)


I use short-throw projectors because I position my projectors close to the cake. I like this model because it’s an affordable consumer projector of good quality. It produces rich colours and decent brightness.

2 x BenQ TH671ST 1080P Short Throw (3000 lumens) 


2x BenQ HT2150ST 1080P Short Throw (2200 lumens) (listed as W1210ST in Europe)


Other Hardware

This is some of the extra hardware you might need in addition to a projector in order to do cake mapping.

You will need a good laptop or computer to output content to your projector/s. I use a MacBook Pro but you can also use a PC.


Cake Materials

These are the materials you will need if you want to create a dummy cake from scratch.

They are the same dimensions as the cake I typically use in all my tutorials. They also are the best dimensions to be used with all the content I sell in my shop.


Camera Equipment

This is the camera I use to shoot my YouTube videos and tutorials.

They are not necessary for cake mapping.