Make a Mapping Guide

This page will lead you through the process of making a mapping guide of your house. This guide is useful if you are designing your own projection mapping show or want to send a map of your house to a designer.

We will be making the mapping guide quickly and easily using LumaMap Lite which is a free application from Luma Box. You can also use LumaMap which is the paid, extended version of LumaMap Lite, offering powerful AI and art tool features. 

Projector Set-Up

First you need to connect your projector to your computer and have it set up as an extended or external display in your Display Settings. If you’re not sure how to do this, read Mac instructions and Windows instructions

Selecting Your Display

In LumaMap, head up to the menu and go to Output>Choose Display and make sure your projector is selected from the list (e.g. Monitor 2).

Confirm that the Output Resolution shown matches the resolution of your projector.

Connected displays listed with resolutions alongside

Positioning Your Projector

Click Send to Display

Then enable Whiteout using the toggle above the canvas or from the menu under Output>Whiteout. Your projector should now be outputting white light.

Use this to position your projector so white light hits all the areas on which you want to project. Move further back if your projector isn’t covering enough of your surface. Move further forward if you are wasting lots of pixels around the edges of your surface. Try to find that sweet spot.

Position your projector using Whiteout mode

Take a Photo

When you’ve found your ideal projector position, take a photo of your house from as close to the projector’s lens as possible. Make sure that all your surfaces are in the photo.

This method of projection mapping works best if the projector is close to perpendicular with the projection surface and there isn’t a lot of perspective in the photo.

Transfer the image to your computer using your preferred method. 

Take a photo of your house from close to the projector's lens

Mapping Your Photo

Disable Whiteout.

Import the image into LumaMap.

Now is a good time to make sure your projector is focused on the house.

Move the corner handles so the projected reference photo matches onto the physical house.

This process takes a little practice. You’ll notice that moving one corner handle affects the line-up of the whole image. I recommend making rough alignments at first and gradually dialling in the mapping through smaller and smaller adjustments.

You can also use Outline mode to help you do this which can be toggled on above the canvas or enabled from the menu under Output>Outline.

Corner pinning the reference image onto the physical house using Outline mode

You're Finished

When the reference photo matches onto the physical house, you are finished. You now have a ‘projector’s eye view’.

This is your mapping guide.

Leave your guide as a photo or switch into Outlines if you prefer.

You can export the image by clicking Export Image  The image will be the same resolution as your projector.

You can use this to build your own show in other software or send it to a designer.

A mapping guide of a house in Outline mode


Use the shortcut Command + F1 twice and it will extend your display.

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