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All-in-one Tool

Get started with projection mapping with one application. LumaMap brings together all the tools needed to transform a plain surface into a captivating projection display. Mapping, AI and creative art tools, all in one place.

Made for beginners
(and for pros)

LumaMap’s intuitive tools and straight-forward workflow make it easy for beginners to get started with projection mapping without the learning curve. The creative potential enables even pros to level up their displays too.


One Click Wonders

Combine a photo with creative art tools and an imaginative text prompt and click Generate. Watch as your artistic vision is brought to life by the in-built AI generator. Hours of design work can now be achieved with just a single click.

Real-Time Results

Make live creative edits to your designs and preview from your projector in real-time as you work. LumaMap’s workflow is fast, interactive and fun. 


Unique to you

No two AI generations are alike. This means you won’t see a projected display like yours anywhere else. It’s one-of-a-kind, completely unique to you and your vision.


Workflow Comparison






"LumaMap is great and saves a lot of time to generate stunning arts"
Manish Wadhwani
"WOW the results have been spectacular. They look terrific on the garage! Thank you for creating a great tool!"
Tom Wheeler
"Purchased LumaMap for my grandson and he loves it"
Jack DuBose

Be the Picasso of Pixels. No Art Degree Needed

lumamap-ai-generator-paint-tools-ghosts-paint lumamap-ai-generator-paint-tools-ghosts-results
lumamap-ai-generator-paint-tools-pumpkins-paint lumamap-ai-generator-paint-tools-pumpkins-ai
lumamap-ai-generator-paint-tools-spider-paint lumamap-ai-generator-paint-tools-spider-ai

Use the handy built-in Art Tools to roughly sketch your vision. Let the AI generator do the rest. Artistic talent not required!

Prompt: “Ethereal ghosts floating around an ancient graveyard, emitting a soft, haunting light. Ambient lighting, smooth” Model v2.1, Art Style: Modelling Compound, Prompt Strength: 7, Image Strength: 60.

Prompt: “Spooky pumpkins with wicked grins, glowing eerily in the darkness. Highly-detailed, haunting shadows” Model v2.1, Art Style: Digital Art, Prompt Strength: 15, Image Strength: 65.

Prompt: “A large, menacing spider weaving intricate cobwebs in a dimly lit corner. Highly-detailed, gloomy” Model v2.1, Art Style: Photographic, Prompt Strength: 7, Image Strength: 50.

Beginner Essentials









Unique Designs with AI

LumaMap is the first AI projection mapping application. Combine a reference photo with the power of AI to create stunning, bespoke visuals. Hours of design work, now possible with the click of a button.

Speed Up Your Workflow

LumaMap Lite cuts out the tedious task of manually drawing around the outlines of your projection surface. Within minutes you can have a mapping guide to use in animation software or send to a designer.


Yes, LumaMap runs on both Windows and Mac.

On Windows your OS needs to be Windows 10 or later.

For full video support, Windows users are advised to install the K-Lite Codec Pack from this website. Click “Server 1” under Download. When the download is complete, open “K-Lite_Codec_Pack_xxxx_Basic.exe” and follow the installer instructions.

We also recommend that Windows users set their Display scale to 100%.


On Mac your OS needs to be Monterey (version 12) or Ventura (version 13). LumaMap is not optimized for use with Sonoma (version 14).


You need an internet connection to use the AI features of the software.

LumaMap is the full, paid mapping application which includes powerful AI and art tools.

LumaMap Lite is a free version of the application that allows you to import an image or video, use the mapping tools and export your mapping as an image or video file. LumaMap Lite does not contain any of the AI or art tool features that are included in the full version of the application.

No, at the current time you can only generate static AI images with LumaMap, not AI video. However, this is a feature we hope to add in the future. 

The application handles just one piece of media at a time.

In principle you can project on any surface, but some surfaces are more suitable others.

LumaMap works best when the projector is close to perpendicular with the projection surface and there is not too much perspective in the reference photo you import into the software.

LumaMap’s workflow is currently not well suited to cake mapping, but this is something we hope to improve in the future.

LumaMap enables you to create creative facades using AI which can be used as standalone assets or taken into other software and combined with further animations and effects.

LumaMap also helps you quickly produce the ‘projector’s eye view’ mapping guide which is the starting point of a mapping show.

LumaMap is not intended to replace software like DaVinci Resolve or After Effects for animating complete projection shows.

Yes, you can play media from LumaMap and output it through an external display. 

Yes, absolutely. When you are happy with your mapping you can export what is in your canvas. You can then load that exported image or video on to a media player connected directly to your projector. 

You cannot output to more than one display from LumaMap.

If you want to use more than one projector you need to go through the mapping workflow for each projector individually.

LumaMap is using DreamStudio by Stability.ai, the developers behind Stable Diffusion.

There is no limit to how many images you can generate. However, LumaMap does have a credit system whereby any actions involving AI (generating and upscaling) have a credit cost.

The software comes bundled with 1000 credits. This will give you up to 5000 image generations. You can use these up as quickly or slowly as you like. There is no daily limit and they don’t expire.

If you use up those 1000 credits, you can sign up to DreamStudio and purchase your own credits. You can then enter your API into the software to keep generating images to your heart’s content. Learn how to add your own API key

The software comes bundled with 1000 credits.

Only AI actions in LumaMap cost credits i.e. generating an AI image and upscaling an image.

1000 credits gives you up to 5000 AI generations. You can use these up as quickly or slowly as you like. There is no daily limit and they don’t expire.

If you use up your 1000 credits, you can purchase more from DreamStudio, instructions here.

Read more about credits here.

Yes, you need an internet connection to use the AI features of the software. 

Sharing the software is strictly prohibited as stated in the software license agreement.

With your purchase of LumaMap you will receive free access to software updates that include bug fixes, patches and enhancements of the features advertised at the time of purchase.

If we release an update to the Software that introduces significant additional functionality and features to earlier versions, then existing customers will be given the option to upgrade their license to access these extended features, subject to an additional fee. The additional fee will be proportionate to the value added by the new features.

You can read the Software License Agreement here

Visit the Knowledge Hub which contains walkthrough tutorials, helpful guides, a user manual and troubleshooting FAQ.

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