Luma Bakery is changing its name to Luma Box

As of 1st February 2021, Luma Bakery will be re-branding as Luma Box.


The name-change marks a new chapter for Luma, better reflecting the broader scope of its future activity across projection mapping and creative applications of technology and video.

Why is Luma Bakery Changing its name?

When I started the business in 2015, I was providing projection mapped cakes at weddings and other events. Luma was one of the first businesses in the UK to offer the service. 

Back then, “Luma Bakery” felt like the perfect name.

By 2018, I had wound down the cake mapping service side of the business. I made this decision primarily because I realised I enjoyed working with video behind a computer much more than I enjoyed providing a service to customers at events.

I started releasing cake mapping tutorials on YouTube as well as selling my animated cake mapping designs in an online shop.

The name still felt like a good fit, focused as it was on projection mapping cakes.

Reviewing the situation in 2021, Luma Bakery has made tutorials about projecting on to windows, houses, even on to Thor’s hammer. I don’t know of many bakeries doing that!

“Luma Bakery” just doesn’t feel right any more.

Cake mapping will always be a part of Luma’s past and future activities – but it’s no longer all that Luma is about.

Why Luma Box?

Over the years, “Luma” has picked up some brand recognition. I didn’t want to lose that so I knew the word “Luma” had to be in there somewhere.

I wanted something snappy and memorable, but also something with enough breadth to incorporate the wide variety of projects I’ll be embarking on in the future.

A box can hold anything. A box has the mystery of something exciting inside.

What can I expect from Luma Box?

Luma Box won’t differ from Luma Bakery when it comes to releasing projection mapping tutorials and projects. 

It also won’t change when it comes to being passionate about cake mapping and offering high-quality cake mapping animation content in the shop.

But Luma Box will be different from Luma Bakery – it will be doing more.

Video Content

I’ll be releasing tutorials and videos on my YouTube channel, covering more wide-ranging applications of projection mapping and creative uses of video.

I intend to experiment with and provide learning resources for a wider variety of software.

I want to investigate different hardware solutions to projection mapping, like projected AR (augmented reality) projectors and kits.

Exploration into interactive applications of projection mapping and video with Raspberry Pi and microcontrollers like Arduino is something I’m keen to embark upon.

I also want to begin doing more tutorials about animation and content creation in applications like After Effects, Blender, Cinema 4D, Motion and more.


I want to try and put out more written content to accompany my videos.

The blog will also be a centralised place to see what I’ve been working on recently.


I will be making some changes to the website in due course (one thing at a time!) but the emphasis of the website remains: tutorials, resources and shop.

I intend to update the tutorials page more regularly and make it a go-to place for free projection mapping learning.

I will continue to provide kit lists for my projects – so far I have them both for cake mapping and house mapping.

The cake mapping provider directory will remain a useful hub for connecting customers in need of cake mapping services with local providers.

Eventually I hope this directory will list projection mapping services of all kinds and be searchable by niche specialisations like cake mapping.


Cake mapping designs will continue to be released and remain available in the shop.

In due course I hope to share the platform and sell work by other artists, meaning there will be even more choice for customers.

You can also expect to find video content for more than just cake projection mapping; I’ve already released some holiday house mapping designs.

Anticipate more Christmas, Halloween and other seasonal designs in the shop, ready to be incorporated into your holiday mapping displays.

More multi-purpose animated elements will be released, suitable for any kind of projection mapping or video project.

Onward to the New Chapter

Whether you’re a subscriber to my YouTube channel, a customer of my shop or just a follower of Luma’s activities – thank you for your support.

I’m excited about things ahead. Changing the name feels like the right thing to do. I hope you’ll consider sticking around for the ride as I start this new chapter as Luma Box.