House Mapping Guides

It is projection mapping when content is 'mapped' onto surfaces of the house

House Mapping For Beginners

Start here if you’re new to house projection mapping. Touching on all the major topics like projectors, software, kit and more. 

An example of a highly textured house

Will My House Work?

Is your house suitable for holiday mapping? Learn about some of the biggest considerations like house size, yard length and ambient light.



Which projector should you choose for house projection mapping? Learn about lenses, brightness, resolution and lamp vs laser light sources. 


Budget & Cost

How much does house projection mapping cost in total? This guide will break down the costs, exploring both the minimum and maximum you could spend. 

Projection mapping video content

Video Content

Where can you find video content for your projection mapping show? There are many free resources out there and also some high quality paid content.


Free Video Content

See a list of some of my favourite resources for free video content online. 

Plugging a USB into a media player

Hardware & Materials

Aside from projectors, this guide covers all the other hardware, materials and kit you need for house mapping. Covering media players, cables, window coverings and more. 

A Bluetooth speaker


This guide covers how to incorporate music and sound into your house projection mapping show. Covering speakers and FM transmitters.

Brightness and lens type are important factors when choosing a projector

Projector Enclosure

Running your show for an extended period of time? You are going to need an enclosure for your projector. This guide will help you get started.

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