House Mapping

Holiday house projection mapping is a technique that uses projectors to transform the façade of a house into a creative canvas for animations and festive visuals.

It is projection mapping when content is 'mapped' onto surfaces of the house


Use AI to generate eye-catching facades with the click of a button. Or make a mapping guide of your house in a few minutes for free with LumaMap Lite.


Browse animations, motion graphics, video loops and templates — professionally designed for house projection mapping.


See a list of recommended projectors. Find out about all the kit and equipment you need to get started with house mapping.


Discover holiday house mapping projection show designers from around the world in one place with this directory.


Your go-to source of comprehensive guides on all things house mapping, covering a range of topics and skill levels.

It is projection mapping when content is 'mapped' onto surfaces of the house

House Mapping For Beginners

Start here if you’re new to house projection mapping. Touching on all the major topics like projectors, software, kit and more. 



Which projector should you choose for house projection mapping? Learn about lenses, brightness, resolution and lamp vs laser light sources. 

Projection mapping video content

Video Content

Where can you find video content for your projection mapping show? There are many free resources out there and also some high quality paid content.


Free Video Content

See a list of some of my favourite resources for free video content online. 

An example of a highly textured house

Will My House Work?

Is your house suitable for holiday mapping? Learn about some of the biggest considerations like house size, yard length and ambient light.


Budget & Cost

How much does house projection mapping cost in total? This guide will break down the costs, exploring both the minimum and maximum you could spend. 

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Mark D
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Light Art Creatives


Luma Box is here to support you with a free house projection mapping guide.

The main things to consider before you get started include whether your house is suitable and whether you have the time and budget to tackle this challenging but rewarding new hobby.

The cost will vary from $600-$5000USD depending on your equipment and whether you design your own show or outsource it.

Read this guide on house mapping costs and how you can manage your budget.

Projection mapping can work on a variety of houses.

Factors that make a house more or less suitable for house mapping include size, color, yard length, house shape, ambient light, obstructions and location.

Read this guide on whether your house will work for house mapping.

The perfect projector for you depends on your specific house and situation. In general, choose a projector with a short throw lens and high brightness (3,500+ lumens is recommended).

Read this guide to learn which projector is best for house mapping. Check out our recommended house mapping kit to see a list of recommended projectors.

One projector is usually sufficient to cover a house, but this depends on the size and design of your house and yard.

You might opt for two or more projectors if the configuration of your house is awkward or you want to pack more resolution and brightness into your show.

Luckily there is a handy tool to help you work this out. Use the Projector Central calculator to give you the necessary distance (throw distance) between your chosen projector and your house surface (image size).

The essential equipment required is a projector and a computer. A secure weatherproof enclosure, a media player and an audio transmitter are optional depending on your use case.

Explore the full list of recommended kit and equipment for house mapping.

Audio and music can be included in your show by using speakers or an FM transmitter.

Read this guide on how to incorporate audio into your holiday mapping show.

When it comes to making a mapping guide of your house, use LumaMap Lite – a free tool that is quick and easy to use.

Generate creative projected facades for your house using AI with LumaMap.

If you want to design and animate your own projection show, DaVinci Resolve is a good free option. After Effects is a powerful paid alternative.

You can browse ready-made, show-stopping video content in the Luma Box shop.

Read this video content guide that covers how to source (free and paid) video content for holiday house projection mapping.

Our favourite free resources are listed here.

No, you should never use material that belongs to someone else unless you have obtained the proper licences. This applies whether you are charging for your projection shows, taking donations or inviting people for free.

Yes. First, you need to make a mapping guide of your house. You can do this free with LumaMap Lite.

Then you can send this mapping guide to a designer. Search for one in our Show Designer Directory.

You can place your projector in a weatherproof enclosure to keep it safe and secure.

Read our guide that explains your options for purchasing or building your enclosure, and factors you need to consider.

Yes, you can run your show from a media player which is a small bit of hardware that connects to your projector.

Check out the house mapping kit list page for media player recommendations.

Pretty much, yes you can only project outdoors at night or twilight.

At other times of the day there is too much competing light from the sky and your projections will look either very dull or not visible at all.

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