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Guide to Cake Mapping

What is cake mapping? How much does it cost? How can I start cake mapping myself or find local suppliers in my area? 

This guide has got you covered. Updated for 2020.

What is Cake Mapping?

“Cake Mapping” refers to the technique of projecting on a plain, usually multi-tiered cake with videos, images and text. 

The technique is also sometimes referred to as cake “projection mapping” or “video mapping”.

Projection mapped cakes provide unforgettable, eye-catching centrepieces to events like weddings, birthdays, celebrations and corporate events.

How Did it Start?

The trend began in 2014 when Disney Fairytale Weddings unveiled its interactive projection mapped wedding cake. 

It captured the imagination of people around the world, prompting others to produce their own take on the concept. 

Since then, there has been everything from Pac Man to Game of Thrones projected onto cakes.

What Are The Advantages of Cake Mapping?

The cake surface can be covered with beautiful animated designs to fit a colour scheme or party theme.

Video mapped cakes can also be personalised with names, photos, custom messages, logos or fully bespoke animations. The sky’s the limit.

Is The Cake Still Edible?

The beauty of cake projection mapping is that the cake can be fully edible and the projections do not interfere with the icing or taste at all.

Does it Work on Every Kind of Cake?

Cakes with  square bases, straight sides and white fondant icing are very commonly used for cake projection mapping.

To create the most impact, large cakes are often used, typically 4-6 tiers but sometimes more.

To be cost effective, projection cakes are sometimes made up of combinations of real and dummy tiers of cake to suit a client’s needs.

Where is Cake Mapping Used?

Wedding Cakes

For couples really looking to stand out and wow their guests, a projection mapped cake is a great choice.

They are also popular amongst couples who are enthusiastic about technology or ‘geek’ culture.

Perhaps the couple is looking to capture some of the sparkly fairytale magic of Disney. 

The cake can display the names of the couple and the date of the wedding.

Photos of the couple are also popular to remind the guests how they met and their romantic journey.

Birthdays, Anniversaries & Celebration Cakes

Big milestone birthday parties or anniversaries are a superb opportunity to push the boat out with a statement video projection cake.

Christenings and bar and bat mitzvah celebrations are also excellent occasions to unveil a spectacular 3d mapped cake.

Corporate/Business Events, Conferences & Product Launch Cakes

A projection cake can be customised with logos, corporate branding and tailored messages which make them a bold and stylish choice for businesses.

Because these cakes are so attention-grabbing, they tend to be shared widely on social media by guests. This generates buzz even after the event has ended and boosts exposure for your cause, product or service. 

How Much Does Cake Mapping Cost?

This depends. Prices varies greatly by provider and by location. 

Also the level of personalisation will hugely affect the price. 

You might be able to find cake mapping services being offered for as little as $500. More personalised services, could cost $1500 or more.   

I would recommend reaching out to local suppliers in your area and asking them for a breakdown of their services and prices. 

How Can I Find Cake Mapping Suppliers Near Me?

Find the contact information for cake mapping suppliers worldwide in one place in our directory.

How is Cake Mapping Done?

3D Projection Mapping

Projection mapping, also known as video mapping, image mapping or 3d mapping, is a technique used increasingly in entertainment events, theatre and artistic installations.

Rather than simply projecting an image onto a flat surface (like a Powerpoint presentation) software is used to warp or ‘map’ the image onto any 3D object.

Using projection mapping, objects of any size and shape can be transformed into a display surface.

Projection Mapping Software

Projection mapping software currently available includes MadMapper, Resolume, HeavyM, Arkaos GrandVJ XT, among others. 

Free options include MapMap and VPT. 

The excellent resource Projection Mapping Central provides a thorough overview of projection mapping software on offer.

How Can I Learn Cake Mapping?

Keen to try cake mapping yourself? Good news!

Though these cakes look impressive and deliver high-impact results, they are achieved by using fairly straightforward techniques.

Cake Mapping Tutorials

Even if you are a complete beginner, we’ve created some step-by-step cake mapping tutorials to guide you through the process of video mapping cake from start to finish.

What Equipment Do I Need?

We’ve put together a list of all the equipment and software we use in our cake mapping setup. This includes projectors, other hardware, cake materials and software. 

Feel free to use this list to guide your decision when creating your own cake mapping set up – but don’t feel limited by it. 

Where Can I Buy Video Content?

You can purchase professionally designed animations, motion graphics, video loops and templates in our shop.  

Got Questions?

Do you have questions or concerns? Get in touch — we want to help