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Video Content for Projection Mapping

Animations, motion graphics, video loops and templates — professionally designed for 3d projection video mapping and cake mapping.

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The cake was a massive success and made such an impact. I keep seeing it all over Facebook today and it’s all down to Luma Box.
Mark D
Cake Mapped for his Mum’s 50th
I honestly have learned nearly everything I know from watching Luma Box videos. I can't emphasise how grateful I am to the team.
Abdul K
Cake Mapping Supplier


Lightform Creator Software Tutorial

Lightform Creator Software Tutorial

Just getting started with Lightform Creator Software? This guide covers the interface, masking, perspective warping, in-built effects &…
Luma Bakery Rebranded Luma Box

Luma Bakery Rebranded Luma Box

As of 1st February 2021, Luma Bakery will be re-branding as Luma Box to better reflect the broader…
House Projection Mapping Guide

House Projection Mapping Guide

How do you do projection mapping on a house? This article will help you decide what projector you…

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